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Past Performances of 2020

The legacy of the Austin Acoustical Cafe continues in 2020

timgrimm (1).jpg

Tim Grimm - January 11, 2020

Grimm is a storyteller, up there with the likes of Crowell, Earle and Jackson Browne. He also brings in other music genres within the Americana field like some Appalachian on "Or Bust" like Woody Guthrie.

Tim Grimm's web site

Susan Gibson - February 8, 2020

"Gibson, as she did with her smash hit "Wide Open Spaces," strikes strong emotional chords without getting sappy, and celebrates life and love without resorting to platitudes." - Jim Beal, Jr. - San Antonio Express News

Susan Gibson's website

Susan Gibson 2.jpg

Andrew McKnight - March 14, 2020

"With a voice reminiscent of Don McLean, McKnight traverses from old-time Appalachian tunes to contemporary folk and blues, all backed up by his dead-on guitar playing" - The Boston Globe

Andrew McKnight's website

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