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Oh no, here comes the future

What a wonderful way to start the year, at one of Austin's most intimate listening rooms, getting to share songs with you! We're thrilled to step into Austin Acoustical Cafe hot on the heels of releasing our New Year's single Here Comes The Future. It's a journey through time, exploring modern world innovations that have made people nervous, or downright terrified, but have become part of our everyday lives. The first time I remember a wide collective anxiety, where we all felt "oh no... here comes the future" was Y2K. It feels appropriate that the narrator in the song – who "just turned 23" – would be turning that age had he been born when the double digits flipped to zero, and most of us sighed in relief. Whew! Miranda is a native Austinite and I've been lucky to spend 16 years in the Live Music Capital. We're both unendingly appreciative and inspired by the legacy, and musical history of Austin and excited to have something to look forward to kicking off 2023 in town. We hope to start the year right, playing for you. We're also happy to be sharing the evening with the super-talented Sahara Smith. What a fun night! Join us (in the near future) if you can! –Chris Hawkes & Miranda Dawn

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