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An Unlikely Place to Find Gold

We are husband and wife Americana duo GOLDPINE (Ben and Kassie Wilson).  We've been living in Nashville for 20 years.  I (Ben) met Kassie at a small church when I first moved to Nashville in 2006.  At that time, we both were singers (in some form) and songwriters, trying to do our own style of music (which were very different styles!).  With Kassie's Alabama background steeped in country and soul music, and my Iowa background steeped in alternative rock music, we did not see a way for our styles to mesh together....and so we didn't join forces musically....for a while.  Then, one day, we had this meeting with this music business guy, and he said something to us that would change our careers forever.  He said "You're shooting yourself in the foot by not working together."  His idea was that two heads are better than one.  We mulled that over in our heads for a few days.  And all these years later, we see that he was right.  It was not an easy transition to meld our polar-opposite backgrounds, but once we got over that hump, we really loved the sound that came out!  And so we look forward to sharing our Country-Soul-Americana-Folk-Alternative-Rock tunes with you all at the Austin Acoustical Cafe!  Mostly though, we look forward to sharing the stories of life, purpose, love and struggle with you all.  I think we will all get to share in something special together.

-- Ben and Kassie Wilson

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