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Breaking from the Frenzy

I’m honored to open for Pierce Pettis this Saturday at the Austin Acoustical Cafe. It might be surprising that I’ve come around to Pierce’s music through his daughter, Grace - who is also a brilliant songwriter. It’s funny that I’ve know Grace for years now, but I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Pierce perform live, so I am even more excited to experience his music in “Austin’s truest listening room.” This performance comes towards the end of a year that has flown by in a blur. It was so quiet for so long during lockdown and now it seems like we’ve all jumped back in full throttle to the noise. I’m grateful for rooms like this one where we can take a break from the frenzy around us, sit squarely in the present moment and enjoy music together. I’ll be sharing a few songs from my upcoming album that I’ve recorded with Mary Bragg, along with a couple tunes from my EP Through the Fog, and perhaps a new song or two. I’ll have copies of that album, along with some unbelievably soft t-shirts and specially designed bandanas. See you soon at the Austin Acoustical Cafe!

- - Natalie Price

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