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We're Not Really That Grouchy

We're looking forward to our return to The Austin Acoustical Cafe Stage. It's been a while. We are

Danny Britt, Marvin Dykhuis, and Chip Dolan. We perform as our Acoustic Trio and as our Band. We have all played and been part of the Austin Music Scene for many years now. We travel around the country as well as abroad. We've played apart and together for years in various arrangements, but we have really enjoyed this Grouchy Like Riley experiment the last few years. “Riley” is in tribute to our departed friend Riley Osbourne. Riley was one of the elite musicians that lived and played in Austin and around the world. He could be Grouchy.

We have released 2 full-length CDs under the name Grouchy Like Riley and a total of 9 full-length

CDs as well as multiple singles under our names. We've had charting success with these CDs and

singles in the last couple of years with a couple of releases topping charts in Indie Country and Cash Box 100. We are always writing new material and look forward to a new full-length release coming late this year or early next. We understand that the CD format is not long for this world so we provide some of the newest releases on USB Drives as well. They are great to plug right into your car USB port or your computer.

We'll be touring around the Midwest in Late July and in Scotland in September. But for now, we are happy to be here in Austin and look forward to our time at The Austin Acoustical Cafe.

We hope to see you there,

-- Danny, Chip, Marvin “Grouchy Like Riley”

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