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From the Banks of the Blanco

I’m so excited to be opening for Dawn and Hawkes at the Austin Acoustical Cafe on January 14th. They’re really talented musicians and songwriters and their lyrical Americana style is one that’s close to my own heart.

I was born in Austin and raised in the Texas hill country, and this landscape and its people have had an indelible influence on my art. I broke into the music scene at 15 when I appeared on “A Prairie Home Companion,” and have since gone on to perform on Letterman and have songs featured in television and film. After taking a hiatus from recording and performing regularly, I am getting back into the swing of things, and I’m so grateful to have the chance to share my music at the Austin Acoustical Cafe, a venue that treats acoustic and lyrical music with such respect and veneration.

I’ll be sharing a selection of songs with you that make up the core of my upcoming album which I’m working on with David Boyle of Church House Studio. I’ve been writing these intensely personal tunes over the past couple of years and they have coalesced into a collection that traces my path through a move out of Texas, my longing for home, my eventual return, and starting a family which has caused me to see the world anew as the mother of an amazing 17-month old daughter. I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the 14th!

Sahara Smith

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