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How I Met the Big Bad Wolf - Jeska Bailey

I was one of the owners of Sealy Flats in San Angelo and I made a facebook post asking everyone who I should book to come play at the venue and I got so many responses saying Guy Forsyth that I looked him up and booked him having no clue who he was and never having heard his music. On the day he was playing, I met him and everything proceeded as normal until I heard him start singing... I stopped everything I was doing and leaned on the center pole on the back stoop and just listened as he sang "Adams Rib".... my then 3 year old daughter, Bella Jane, was there and she commented later that he sounded like the big bad wolf and referred to him as that for years to come.... but I remember being completely struck by this immense presence and couldn't stop listening. After the show was over I went out front where Guy was sitting beside the fire hydrant and I spoke to him before going to close the venue down for the night... We became Facebook friends and wished one another happy birthday and liked posts here and there until 3 years later when I was visiting Austin and saw he was playing. He invited me to join him for the grand opening of the new Antone’s on 5th street. We started dating 5 months later and have been inseparable ever since. But Guy likes to say I hired him every time someone asks how we met.... and I mean.... he's not wrong.

Our engagement was a beautiful things really....Guy told me he wanted to take me to Europe to celebrate beating cancer (I had melanoma on my right shoulder, a very rare type and we beat it with surgery) and I agreed to go. Now that I have seen the movie A Star Is Born it’s really hard for me not to completely see myself as the female role played by Gaga... not only did he take me to Europe but he put me on stage... I knew maybe 2 songs with him and really didn't know any harmonies to his tunes but there I found myself... in Belgium with a microphone in front of me, sitting next to someone that the audience is very used to hearing and I was humbled and terrified. But I sang... Guy has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known and is always willing to help those he believes in and I will forever be grateful for the amazing opportunities he has and continues to give me.

After about a week we went into Paris for 2 days and I was so excited! Upon our arrival we decided to rent some bikes to get to our hotel... and they were on this quiet bike pathway covered by trees and so why not? Within 15 minutes we found ourselves in the thick of downtown Paris traffic with semi trucks and every kind of vehicle you could ever imagine. I hadn't told Guy that I had never ridden a bike before, lol. After we arrived at the Eiffel Tower and parked the bikes I let him in on my little secret and he was very impressed by me to say the least... it’s one of his favorite stories now...

Guy isn't a big picture person but I am so when he suggested I set my camera up to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower I thought he was being considerate of me and I went quickly to work on it… but it wouldn't work and I got frustrated. After a minute or so of me messing with the trigger I stood up to see Guy standing there with a weird expression on his face and I asked him what was wrong and reminded him that this was his idea... then he took a knee and I really don't remember what happened after that expect I said yes. I said yes to marry the man of my dreams in front of a place I never thought that I would see with my own eyes... we celebrated by laying in the lawn of the tower and then having a terribly romantic dinner with a bottle of wine.

Our relationship has been a romantic love story and that is what we want to bring to our audiences... we want to tell a story and let people feel the emotions that we felt when we decided to sing the songs we did. Don't get me wrong... there are plenty of Guy's older tunes he sings and some we have written together and a few we each sing alone but we want to offer people a fun and intimate night of music and we couldn't be more excited to play at the Austin Acoustical Cafe.

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