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I Am The Music

“I could do that.” I grumbled, as my siblings praised a singer on Americas Got Talent. It was 2019 and I was nine years old, still wearing rainbow, unicorn, raccoon T-shirts and smiling like a leprechaun whenever I saw candy. My sisters, 16 yo Aleigha, and 5 yo Brie, didn’t believe me, but they still set up the karaoke on our small tv. It didn’t take long until everything was ready and my sisters were staring at me from the couch. The music began to play and I started tapping my foot (not on beat I may add) and sang my little heart out. As the last note rang out on our television, I turned around to see astonished looks on both if their faces. Immediately, Aleigha, pressed my moms name on her phone.


“Momma… You gotta come hear this!"

That was the beginning! That was how it started! From that moment I knew music was my passion and the stage was where I belonged! I always loved music, and singing, it was my life! I sang before I could talk. My parents say I hummed myself to sleep as a baby. But that moment was when it clicked: Music is where I’m supposed to be.

A few weeks into vocal lessons, I asked my dad to play guitar for a talent show at the end of the month. He agreed, and since then he’s been my guitar player, roadie, chauffeur, and back up vocalist! (No. He is not allowed to complain.)

At age eleven I got my first gig at the Pedernales Falls Trading Post, on Black Friday of 2020. To this day it is my favorite bar to sing at, the people are amazing, the burgers are the BEST!

My goal is to bring people music they can relate to. Music that makes them feel things they didn't realize were bottled up inside themselves. Music that makes them let go. This is one of the reasons I love writing songs so much. Not only am I able to tell a story (another great passion of mine) but I get to touch the hearts and lives of others.

I may be young, and may not have enough knowledge to survive the real world… but I have enough to make living more entertaining. Just enough bad jokes to get the boot, and enough soul to get you coming back. I’ve got something for the entire family!

I am Jillian Hudson, and I am the music.

- - Jillian Hudson

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