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I like to write songs - Jackson Grimm

I find myself categorizing my songs when I write them: my country song, or my blues songs, my Wilco song, my Gillian Welch song, etc. You get the idea. I categorize them, file them away, revisit them, finish them, bury them, forget them, wake up in the middle of the night and grab my recorder to hum a melody or sing a line into it. Some take 30 minutes to write, some take a year to write. Some I prefer to play solo, some with my bluegrass band, some with a more rock feel. Some are bad and some are good! You’ll be able to hear, experience and judge them on January 11th.

I’m very fortunate to have a parent who is an accomplished songwriter as well. It lets me realize that it is possible to make a living doing it. On our Texas tour, Nathan Evans Fox (pictured with me above) and I are very much looking forward to bringing new energy into Tim Grimm's songs. He's been to the Acoustical Cafe before. Maybe you've seen him? Also, his most viewed live video on Youtube was taken at the Acoustical Cafe!

We’ll be sharing some of our own songs as well. Will they garner as many views as Tim's!? We'll see. Hope you folks enjoy them!

As promised, here are some places where you can engage with me online, listen to some songs, and hear new music (coming in 2020). Thanks! 

Happy Holidays!

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