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Keeping Steady

Keeping Steady — Emily Shirley

What an honor to be able to open for friends, Hardened & Tempered, who I admire both as musicians and as outstanding human beings. Also, this is my first time playing the Austin Acoustical Cafe so I'm very much looking forward to it.

I'm thrilled to bring to the stage, songs from my latest release, Ghost Ranch (Dec 2022). Ghost Ranch is a collection of six singles I recorded and released over the past couple years and it holds stories of navigating darkness, finding solace in solitude, fierce female friendship, taking the high road, keeping steady through loss, and finding love on the summer solstice. Vocal harmony is an important part of each of these songs, so I'm bringing my friend Katie Lessley with me. Katie and I have been singing together for years and she makes my songs better.

In addition to writing songs for myself, I'm a member of Austin-based bands Sister Golden Hair and the Belle Sounds. And when I'm not making music I'm a mom and a graphic designer, designing album art mostly, for local musicians.

I'm so pleased to join you for a night of friendship and sharing songs.

- - Emily Shirley

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