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Ladder To The Moon, by Colin Gilmore

After much deliberation and batting ideas back and forth, Nicolette Good and I have landed on a name for our duet: Ladder To The Moon. It was based on an epic dream I had when I was about 6 years old, and turns out it's the name of a Georgia O'Keefe painting. But it also gives a little glimpse into our creative approaches.

When Nicolette and I met around 5 years ago, we had each carved out a name as solo artists. We quickly discovered that we were fans of each other's songwriting, and that we had an alchemy that's hard to come by. We learned each other's songs, played shows together, hit the road together, and in the process came to help each other understand what it is that keeps us writing and playing. To me, music is the glue that holds all the magic things in life together. Some music keeps me tethered to the Earth and connected to roots that predate me. Some songs lift me off my feet and pull me out into the sky. Nicolette and I have influences that pull us in 20 directions at once. But when the music starts, I'm right back where I started - in the heartbeat of the eternal present. 

I can't remember exactly when I met Bob Livingston but I have known him and been a fan since I was a young lad. He and my father Jimmie Dale Gilmore were old friends and bandmates from the Lubbock days. West Texas was spitting out some of the most talented musicians around and I was fortunate enough to grow up watching them all. Bob was, and still is a significant force in that world, carrying the spirit that has made Lubbock so unique to every corner of the globe. Opening for him is going to be a treat. Nicolette and I will be playing songs from our upcoming EP - our first recording as a duo. I hope you'll come to join us!

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