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Pierce Pettis Rides Again

“It’s great to be back on the road again. When I released my most recent album (Father’s Son on Compass Records Group/Nashville) shortly before the pandemic, I got to tour all around the world … from my living room. While livestreams can be great and I still do them, there’s nothing like getting in front of an audience of actual live human beings. And there is NO better place to do that than Austin, Texas!

I’ll be playing solo this time and doing a bunch of new songs I’ve written over the past year or so. I’ve also worked up some older material that is still unrecorded. And of course, I’ll be covering songs from all six of my Compass Records releases, and even a couple from my old “Chase the Buffalo” release on Windham Hill/High Street/BMG.

For those looking to do some early Christmas shopping, I’ll be bringing copies of all the Compass albums and the “New Agrarians” album I did with Kate Campbell & Tom Kimmel. I’ll also be selling copies of “A Very Blue Rock Christmas”, recorded before a live audience at Billy Crockett’s Blue Rock Studios and featuring my daughter, Grace, Tom Prasada Rao, Beth Wood, Terri Hendrix, David Wilcox, Sara Hickman … and many more. I’ll also have my new t-shirts.

Hope you all can come and see me at the Austin Acoustical Cafe on Saturday, November 12th. It’s gonna’ be fun!"

- Pierce Pettis

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