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Plastic Flowers Never Die

Hey there, everyone! I'm Nichole Wagner, I’m a Colorado-born, Austin-based songwriter, but I suppose that’s last part is apparent considering where you’re reading this post.

The past few years, I've been pouring my heart and soul into recording my latest album, "Plastic Flowers." These songs are from the incredibly tumultuous times of the pandemic-during which I had to reframe almost all of the important relationships in my life and set some difficult boundaries.

I actually just got off the phone with my dad after his first full listen and he wanted to know what the”Plastic Flowers” meant-why it was the title. He was concerned it was a little “dark.”

I’ll share with you what I told him. Despite the past few years being incredibly difficult, I don’t see this record as a dark one, in fact it’s incredibly hopeful. To me, plastic flowers are a symbol of resilience; of understanding and acceptance that somethings may never change, for better or worse; and that there’s usually a bit of beauty to be found anywhere we look if we’re open to finding it. These songs delve into themes we've all grappled with – managing those boundaries, the process of healing, and letting go of what we thought we needed to find what we truly need.

The songs were recorded over several years-really allowing them to take shape on their own, adding layers as we went. Justin Douglas was once again at the helm of production and engineering, with a fabulous cast of musicians including Will Sexton, Abram Shook, Charlie Pierce, Matthew Shepard, Gina Sprigarelli, Gregory Clifford, Chris Hausler, Vince Delgado, Megan Lacy, Andrea Young, and Noelle Hampton. Now with the record finished, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play these songs for you stripped down, the way they were written. The record (my second full length) is now totally finished (I will bring some CDs me to the show, even though it’s not out yet!)

I’ve been to shows at the Austin Acoustical Cafe before, but opening for Jay Boy Adams will be my first time performing on this stage. I can’t wait!

-- Nichole Wagner

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