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The re-birth of Austin Acoustical Cafe

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The Austin Acoustical Cafe is returning to continue its proud tradition of creating a fantastic listening room for audiences in a manner that helps sustain the artist community that makes Austin the "Live Music Capital of the World!"

My name is David Crabb, one of the founding members of the Austin Acoustical Café. About 25 years ago, I attended a Sierra Club conference in Washington D.C. where I met a local singer song writer named Andrew McKnight. I was captivated by his stories and music during his performance and after that evening, Andrew and I became good friends where we worked together to build support for his music while he performed on numerous occasions with fundraiser shows for our inner city youth outdoors program.

Jumping ahead another 15 years, I found myself in Austin managing the Lamar Activity Center and realizing I had a beautiful acoustically designed room to begin a series that I had been envisioning for some time. With the assistance of Paul Barker, Doug Kempter, and Chris Green, we started the Austin Acoustical Café series and made history with a number of very talented national and international song writers . A few years back, we made the decision to take a short hiatus with our series and we have all been missing it since. I am so happy to see that through public consensus, with strong volunteer support, and partnering with the Live Music Capital Foundation, the return of Austin Acoustical Café!!

With this second run, we need your support more than ever. For the series to be truly appreciated we need your support in attending each and every show when possible and for you to tell and bring all your friends. I believe, there is truly no other place in Austin that you can experience music such as this in such a wonderful and intimate setting. I cannot wait to see you at the January show and throughout our upcoming season!

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