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They Seem to Like Me in Texas - Rob Lytle

People around the country often ask me why I perform so much in Texas, I always tell them it’s because people seem to like me there! But the fuller picture is also how much I like it there.

A long time ago, I was a young songwriter and singer and I had just moved to Boston from my home town of Youngstown, Ohio. I was trying to figure out the Boston scene (which was very traditional at the time) and struggling, like a lot of performers, to get bookings.

Part of that struggle was probably that my songs were definitely not about whaling, and I very seldom had a dulcimer in my songs... I love those influences, but it just was not what I was doing…

So, coming into that summer, I was beginning to wonder just a little about my craft and if I had a place as writer and performer.

Then I heard about this songwriter festival in Kerrville, Texas. Having more time than money, I bought a tent, jumped on a Greyhound bus, and headed to Texas. During that festival, I wandered from small campfire to small campfire and played my songs. I also was lucky enough to be semi-adopted by that year’s crop of New Folk performers. What I found then, and still feel today - is that they like me in Texas.

As you might expect, just like everyone else, I fell in love with Austin, the Hill Country, and all the great Texas artists and writers. It was just a different level of excellence.

After a break in performing to focus on my family, I came back as a Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk finalist in 2010 and wrote and performed some songs that got me noticed. Two of those songs, Why They Play the Games ( and Daddy Knows What Boys Want (, were actually completed and performed for the first time in Austin and Kerrville.

That is one of the reasons why I am so looking forward to opening the show with Albert and Gage on March 9th. Like everyone else, I love their music. And…I get to go to the place I love, be with people I care about, and share my music with you.

Did I mention that they seem to like me in Texas? Hopefully, you will agree. See you soon!

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